Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Garage Sale Drama

I am a little emotional right now. And not just because of my christmas heartbreak.

See, for the longets time, I've been wanting to have a garage sale, because I no longer/have never worn over half of the stuff in my cabinets/closet. They're all either out-dated, ill-fitting or just plain ugly.

Today, with the mock reactions of my parents, I was granted the permission to use our puny garage. So there, on December 30, 2006, 9 AM to 3 PM, some of my stuff are going to be sold to random buyers. Hopefully more than three, and not just the people I know.

Anyway, I didn't think it was gonna be that hard to pick out the things I'm gonna put out there. I actually had to sort out the ones that I'm selling from the ones that I'm not really sure about (stuff I intend to give to relatives and other people I know who actually need clothes). I just didn't want some stuff to go to some stranger.

Like many other apparel-loving maniac there is, I have developed an emotional rapport with my clothes. Seriously, a lot of them even bring back various memories of the old days. Especially the oversized shirts and the baggy pants. Ugh. I know. ---I can't even believe how fat I was before. I used to be a whale.--- Like in high school, I used to wear what they call elephant or big mouth pants. The ones with pants so big you can have an adult monkey clinging on your legs and no one would know. Gawd. And you should've seen how I'd prepare my pants for the next day; putting safety pins on the hem to avoid dragging them all over the ground. That was crazy. AND THE SIZE! I used to wear size 31-33 pants. (Now I'm a 28-30. :p)

Anywhow, as horrid as some of them are, it really is hard getting rid of a few of my "memorabilia". That's why I'm keeping some shirts and pants. Besides, who knows, I'm so not hoping, but I might be able to wear/use some of those pieces in the future. I'm actually afraid of the day that I will regeret disposing particular items but whatever. Hopefully, by that time, I can just shrug it off and easily rush to high-end shops and undergo therapy---shop myself to complete and utter ecstacy.

I'm gonna go ask my sister to join the sale. I know she too has lots of stuff she doesn't use.

I'll update soon.

Wish me luck!

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