Monday, December 04, 2006


It's that time of the year again. A time for eating and having an excuse to be fat soon. A time to redecorate the house like Santa Clause vomitted all over it. A time to receive and give gifts. A time to be merry. A reason to commit suicide.

God, who am I kidding? I love the holidays; no class, more free time, more food and gifts galore. But it's just so sad that I don't have anyone to share what my innermost desired gifts are, sing my favorite christmas songs with, brag all the food that i'm engorging to, anymore. (Shit, listen to me. I sound like a sissy bitch.) I absolutely despise that subtle nagging in your head that you have to be extra perky and positive and happy during this time of the year. It's takes so much work.

But... You know... I think you know what I'm talking about. I'm missing that SOMEBODY.

Ugh. I hate myself for being this way. It's like drugs. Once you get a taste of it, and you like it (I know I did), it's like you're just not the same without it. And I'm not just talking about the sex! HAHAHAHAHAH....

I sound horrible. I know.

What the hell. The bottomline is I'M FUCKING SINGLE ON CHIRSTMAS!

I know, it's ok to be single. In fact, I want one of those turquoise single rings. But it's just different when you have somebody to run to, to talk to, etc., whenever, wherever. Get it?

Oh well. It sucks, but I'm gonna have to deal with everything. I mean, God, I have the rest of my life to live, right? Right? Right? Ugh.

Anyway, one thing I'm psycehd about is this holiday get-way my family is planning. It's 99% sure but I don't wanna jinx it. So I'm not gonna talk about it yet. Besides, it's lunch time and I haven't had a bath yet. I stink like a spoiled fruit! LOL. I kid.

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  1. Oh well, it cannot be that bad, can it? I'm single this christmas too. But then again, I don't celebrate christmas.