Saturday, May 12, 2007

Krispy Kreme and Work

Ohmigod. I haven't blogged in such a long time! Jeez, a lot of things happened. Been a long while really. It's like I died and got reincarnated long.

Work has been hectic. It's fun but grueling. There's a lot of studying and memorizing involved I don't know how I'm going to survive until nesting.

(I was reading a message from a really good friend in Iloilo who doesn't know that arwana is a kind of fish. I love her messages. So fun)

OK, so to make things clearer; I am currently in training to be The Next Top Travel Specialist. lol. If I get lucky, I will have to accept calls from America everyday regarding travel, transportation and accomodation bookings. It'd grounded on customer service so I'm gonna have to keep my sarcasms to myself when at work.
Anyway, enough about work. Gawd, I deal with that at least eight hours a day, five times a week.

It may seem like an easy job but it's not. I got assigned to the company' s premium so the training is really rigorous. This is definitely not one of those no-brainer jobs out there. It's very challenging actually and pays quite well. I'm not exactly gonna be filthy rich through this job but it's a good start.

Speaking of money, tomorrow I'm gonna get my first pay. I love it. I'm thinking of buying a new phone, a jacket, a bag, and some presents for family but I don't know. I'm not exactly getting that much am I? I'm just gonna save up for that phone I guess.

Living away from home has really taught a lot things. Aside from doing my own laundry and washing the dishes, I've really experienced how it is to do things on your own and not rely so much on your parents or anyone else for that matter. I, and sometimes together with my housemates/condomates, do the groceries and buy real food. You know, like meats and greens. I also go to the market to buy fish for our adopted pet arwana.
I just really can't wait to pass everything and get my money every fifteen days so I can shop and paint the town red.

I so miss my friends and family. I'd love to talk to them on the phone or even online. Ugh.

I really don't know what to say anymore so I think I'll end this here.


I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

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