Monday, May 28, 2007

Kudos! Kudos!

Hi. Oh my god I'm knackered to the bone. Just got off from work. My body clock'c fucked up coz our schedule got altered. From 3-11PM, it's now 5AM-2PM. How's that for battery? I only slept for about an hour and a half last night coz I'm not used to sleeping too early, like earlier than 1 AM. So here I am now, tired like a gang-raped cow.

I can't do up to the unit yet since there's fire drill going on in the building.

Anyway, I already graduated from training last Friday. Appaluse, snaps and standing ovation please.

Today was the first day of nesting/ taking calls with the supervision and guidance of mentors. It's great coz I got a kudos call. That's what they call it when the customer wants to talk to the supervisor and tell him what a good job the agent has done providing good service and patience and all, catering to the needs of the caller. And that agent is moi. Hahahah... Ahluvet.

Got lucky I guess.

I'm so exhausted though. I feel like a zombie.

Have. To. Sleep. Very. Soon.

I'm gonna try to update as soon as possible.


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