Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Manila- So Far

Where do I start? Today is labor day and it's the only chance I got to go online and whine and blab endlessly. My god, these past days have been soo... surreal?

I started work a little over a week ago. The first three days were great. Ugh. I haven't blogged for like a millennium I don't even know which one to talk about first. SO, I'll just opt for bullets.

Things I got myself involved in the past weeks here in Manila:
  • Started work last April 23 and humuliated self when I had to complete the sentence "I'm hot because..." Ugh. Bithces laughed at cos they thought I said bitch instead of beach. Uh-oh, some people forgot to clear their ears. Fuck it though, I was back in the horse the second time I completed the same sentence. This time, they laughed with me, not at me.

  • Met a few people at work. I swear to god that place is a melting pot of all forms of people. And I must say, there's quite a lot of cuties there.

  • Last Saturday, my gang and I went to to our company's Summer Carnivale event. It was great coz after that, a cuosin treated us to what might be the hottest club in the metro, Embassy Supper Club. She was leaving for Singapore in two days we talked her into shelling out some casd before she flies away. Anyway, the place is nothing out of the ordinary. Of course it's not ugly but it's not spectacular either. I love the lighting though. However, what really ticked me off was the smoke. Gawd. I felt like I was in some sort of gas chamber a la genocide killings or something. But it was generally fun, the music, the people (ok some of the people), the drinks, the vibe, ahluvet.

  • I have not gone shopping yet and I hate it. I've been doing my own laundry and house chores to save up. Gawd, I feel like a new person. A poverty-stricken, ugly beggar person. Hahahahah... Oh well, independence has its price.

I'm chatting with s friend right now and I don't have to for reminiscing. I'm gonna update as soon as I can. For the meantime, I have to memorize airport codes. And while I do that, I'll leave it to the pictures to tell my stories.

Arrival- The ego has landed.

Even my business class ticket couldn't accommodate all my luggage. By the way, I didn't know there's business class in the domestic flights of the third world. That was my first time.

The company summer party- there was a concert, free food, strange people, underpaid employees, yaddi yaddi yadda... I'm kidding. It was okay.

The real party begins...

Never mind my outfit. Everything was so sudden.

It was a good night.

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