Saturday, July 28, 2007


Photos taken during an uneventful early morning walk along my neighborhood all the way to Baywalk/Manila Bay.

Say hello to the first ever mall in Las Islas Filipinas- Harrison Plaza -the only enclosed mall I know where they allow people to smoke their lungs out inside this poorly airconditioned place.

I saw this guy on the way to and back from Baywalk. He was still alive. I checked.
This is Baywalk - jogging/excercise park by day, drinking hub by night.
One side of Baywalk is Manila Bay while the other is Roxas Boulevard, a major road, hotels, restaurants, offices, condominiums, etc.

I love my trusty Nike Cortez. I think I've had them for over five years now.

People go to Baywalk to get some Vitamin D, sweat out, make out and fish.
Say hello to Manila Bay.
Like I said, this is a very uneventful morning.

Need I say more? I was actually looking forward to seeing these instructors who teach tai chi, taebo, aerobics during weekend mornings but they were nowhere to be found that Friday.
Row, row, row your boat boys! LOL
Some people actually take a dip here at times. I know, it's revolting. Just think of how much spit, shit and bacteria is in that water considering people throw all sort of crap in the water day in and day out.
These seats don't get arranged until noon, I guess, when people go here to eat, drink and hang out.
This looks like a post-typhoon scene.This guy's not alone. You'll see street sleepers all over the city.
Cheek bones?

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  1. grabe naman matulog si manong sa kalye.. =)