Tuesday, July 03, 2007


These pix are long overdue but what the hell.

This is what my Mom and Dad spent for me when they visited the capital of Las Islas Filipinas- cosmo Manille:

2 shirts from Topman
1 pair pants from Topman
1 shirt from Zara
3 pairs of sock from Puma
1 sando undershirt from Bench
1 brief from Bench

It's not a lot but I love them all. Plus I had grand time shopping with my parents. I really am so glad Mom and Dad are also into shopping. The whole family is actually.

I know I'm earning already. They're both aware though that I'm paying a lot for the bills and the rent so they treated me out to a little shopping and I treated them to dinner and Starbucks. That was fun.

Some brands I like/love:

I miss my parents. I miss home. I miss my brother and sisters. I miss my cousind. I miss my friends. Ugh. Whatever.

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