Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Page From My Human Diary

hey bitch. i hate you! why were you not responding earlier when i needed you most? i met up with **** and the ass is absolutely not my type. the jerk said he's twenty-fucking-six but he looks a decade older. i swear to god i'm so freakin' stupid. anyway, it's ok i guess. he doesn't seem to show that much interest either. he did however make me libre- dinner and cab fare, while i paid for our starbucks. gawd. i dunno if i'm annoying you but you're my friend right? hahah... oh well, this baby is once again playing the wide open field. i know we're looking for different things there but i'll see you in the playground. hope we find our individual serious playmates. or something like that. anyway, i just had sex with another stranger. it's better to talk about all this on the phone though so... till then. keep in touch. and pls let me know you're still breathing there. GAWD. i've been calling and you're never picking up. you take care. hello to cuppy cake, your pot belly pig. arn-arn the arwana also says hi.

---I just sent this msg to a very dear friend. I don't know why I'm posting it here but whatever. What the hell. Anyway, I'm too tired to explain and blab so bye. Nighters.

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