Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Bee 2

So where were we? Aah… So after I got another dissatisfying haircut, I left Gateway and went back to my Aunt’s house.

3 PM- My cousin, Aunt, sister and I together with my Aunt’s friend went to Duty Free. I love how everything is priced in dollars but are actually cheaper than those in the mainstream market.

Late lunch at Kenny Roger's-- rib sandwich with fries.

Saturday Night – 11:30 PM

I went out with my cousin since he’s been bugging me to go out that particular night. I didn’t really have anything to do so to Greenbelt we went. First, we hit up Ice Vodka Club where some girls were whoring it up to some foreigners. We only had 1 drink each and decided to wander around. On our way to Greenbelt 1, we saw Gretchen Baretto (Filipino celebrity) and I must say that she does look pretty in person and seems to be very slim and tall.

Anyway, if you have any chance, you should check out the newly opened Greenbelt 5. It’s amazing. I love, love the place and the interiors; especially the lighting fixtures—fantastic. I wonder who designed those. This part of Greenbelt is not fully operating yet but there are a couple of restaurants that are already in business. I haven’t tried any of them yet but I read some reviews and I hope I can my make own comments about the food there soon after some food tripping. Bang and Olufsen, Gaupo (Filipino designer), Balenciaga and Marc by Marc Jacobs are just some of the stores that I know will be occupying this precious space anytime soon. High-end much? Absolutely. Better start filling those piggy banks.

Back to the night-out, after Ice, cousin and I went to Temple . I don’t have anything against tweens and twinks, and I mean I did go out quite a lot myself when I was in high school but sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of these 15 year-old girls in fuck-me heels and with 1-inch make-up and baring barely there bosoms. I’m sure some of these kids barely have pubic hair and I bet they can well give Paris Hilton a run for her money. Oh well, it’s quite entertaining actually. The last time we dropped by Temple , there was this plump girl lain on her girlfriends’ arms with what seems to be puke all over her dress. I love it.

And just as I thought the High School Musical didn’t fail to show up especially it was actually prom night—the girls were in their in dresses while the guys rocked the suits. But enough of this under-aged partyphiles. Ugh.

I like Temple because of the music and sometimes because of the crowd too. That particular night, I just embraced the music while dancing by myself on the second level taking random sips of my complimentary Baccardi Sprite. I also like this place because smoking is strictly prohibited inside, something Embassy and other clubs I hope would be implementing as well.

At about 2:30 AM, we decided to call it a night and headed to Starbucks to refresh.

Saturday night but technically Sunday dawn - 3:00 AM – Cousin 1 and 2 and I pigging out while waiting for my sister to arrive—she also went out with her friends.

This is why I’ve been getting fat.

02.10.08 - Sunday

Woke up at noon with a slight hangover. At around 2 PM, I accompanied my cousin to Robinson's Galleria for a little shopping. I I think he trusts my taste and it's flattering and all until he buys the stuff you actually want for yourself (No he didn't). Yup, there's this striped burgundy and white shirt I was eyeing on during my last trip to Topman, and guess what, he bought the damn thing. Ugh.

Anyway, after walking around, we grabbed a bite at Plato Wraps at the food court. Anyone who hasn't tried this goodness is missing a lot. We love it, I love it, you'll love it. Start with the chunky chicken. Yummers.

Still Sunday, around 3PM

I've been to The Fort only twice but I've never been to to the High St adorable kids reet part. I went there to meet up with a great pal Rica. The place is beautiful. Seriously, even the restrooms are nice. I absolutely love it. It's like a park complete withplaying, and even more adorable dogs being walked, high-end shops and fancy restaurants. This is my kind of outdoor.

The pictures don't give it justice.

Anyway, as usual, Rica and I shared stories and talked non-stop. We ate at this nice place called Balducci. It looks like a place where people eat their steaks and salads with vinegrette but for some reason we had pizza. How chic. Hahahah...

Appetizer: Complimentary bread with butter or salsa or liver spread. Yes, that mocha cream looking thing is liver spread and it's good.
Rustica Mozzarella - I've had better slices at Sbarro. The otherwise so-so food seemed tastier because of the interesting conversation.

After Balducci, we hit up Conti's for dessert--my treat because she'll be celebrating her birthday the following week.

Banana Cream Torte - Winner!
New York Cheesecake - Second Best.
French Apple Pie - It's ok.

Got back to my Aunt's place at 11PM. All in all, that was an awesome night too even though by this time my pocket was getting a lot thinner. All for good times.

02.11.08 - Monday

On the last day of my four-day break from work, my sister and I went back to the condo then did the groceries. I capped off my weekend with a super scrumptious dinner of tocino and canned tuna.

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