Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zoo Holiday

Last Monday was so much fun. It was a holiday so my sister and I visited our cousins and Aunt who is actually going through a rough time. God bless her.

We went to Harrison Plaza , the first ever mall in the Philippines, which is a stone's throw away from where I live, for some work my Aunt needed to be done. It was taking her a long time to finish her business so my cousins and I decided to visit Manila Zoo which is just a short stroll from the mall.

The zoo itself is nothing really spectacular. Sure, we had a few laughs over the deers humping each other and some of the animals were quite fascinating. (Like the zebra that would make such a nice rug, the same with the cute tiger hiding in the man-made cave. The elephant stunk but still cute. Although I feel really sorry for the poor thing. The deers would have been boring but they were copulating in front of everybody so that was entertaining, while the crocs are scary and would be nice accessories.) But the ultimate, ultimate experience occurred when we were about to get out of the place.

When I realized what this huddle of people was all about, I was like, "Oh shit, that snake is fucking humongous and it's all out in the open for paid photo ops!" Talk about saying, or rather thinking, the obvious.

So yeah, we were just gawking at these people who were having their pictures taken while a gigantic live python is wrapped around their bodies and then it's like suddenly, all four of us had this common thought bubble above our heads and we went for the kill.

For a P100, we had a short pictorial with not one but two pythons--one of them was the smaller yellow albino kind. I was really scared at first but it all went fine. Nobody got bit or got constricted by the reptiles or anything like that. My sister did get into a bitch fight with some random woman though while waiting for the photos. Hah! Love that.

I know it's so freaking anti-climactic that I'm raving about it but I actually don't have the picture of us with the snakes but you see we don't have a soft copy of it. But I'll post it as soon we scan the precious thing.

We then went back to Harrison, laughed, walked, ate, yaddi yadda, yadda, and basically just had a good time. I loved it. It was such a fun day. Although, my Aunt didn't go with us to the zoo, I'm pretty sure she also enjoyed the day. It was nice we all took time and bonded together and had a blast.

Gawd I love holidays.

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