Sunday, June 15, 2008

I miss home.

I think I just got severely depressed again. Gawd, I hate being poor. Fine, I hate not being rich enough.

I am currently sharing a 2-bedroom condo unit with my sister. The place is owned by a relative and we’re renting the place. To lessen our expenses, we’re getting a new housemate much to my skepticism. I’m very territorial.

You see, I’ve had my own share of unfortunate experiences with housemates in the last year and I do not wish for more. In fact, one of them still owes me a couple of thousand pesos—pay up asshole! I also very much value my privacy and personal space. If I can have it my way, I would really prefer to have the entire place to my sister and myself and not have to deal with the inconveniences of living with strangers. However, sister dearest is not earning so much yet since she’s still on training and I on the other hand, well, I’m not exactly raking in the cashola. I pay for the bills, the cleaning lady and half of the rent, while my parents cover the other half which is not an ideal setting.

My mom and I occasionally talk about our dream houses and other thoughts of real estate grandeur. The other night, we were on it again. She even told me to look around for nice and reasonably priced condominium units as she has cut out a few ads from the dailies. I thought this was very funny especially since she would end the conversation saying, “If only I’d win the lottery.” Hahahah…

I did look around—online and through some print ads I myself kept. I am such a sucker for things to spend money on. Like most people however, the things I intend to buy easily out-value the money I actually have.

I applied for a credit card the other day, so there’s a great chance I’ll be six feet under burning in credit hell by the time I get my first billing statement. Hello, I went straight to the mall
right after I passed my application and created a mental list of things to buy, so go figure.

Anyway, jeez, property is so expensivo and I certainly know why.

This housemate better not be a bitch. Otherwise, she can kiss the ground 3 seconds after I push her ass off the 26th floor.

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