Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Fine Day

While sitting comfortably within the security of the office, I read the latest weather report about typhoon Frank (international name Fengshen) thinking it doesn't matter as much to me since I can always take a cab. Right.After waiting a lifetime, I decided to share the cab with an officemate. Little did we know, the driver was another asshole. No surprise, these cab drivers are very consistent. The bastard refused to bring me to my place and decided to drop me off at my officemate's area. We argued for a while because I wasn't giving up without a fight. I swear to god I thought he was going to punch me. There was one moment when we looked each other in the eyes like we were about to turn into werewolves and tear each other apart. Major asshole.So, I was left there somewhere along Buendia/Gil Puyat, wet and a little hungry, uncertain how I'd get home. Manong pedicab driver came to the rescue and suggested I wait some other area where cabs pass a little more often. So I took his P30 advice and we braved the rain and flood.
After 10 minutes or so waiting for a cab, I gave up and took the jeepney. At this point I was soaked and really hungry. One FX ride and another pedicab later, I made it to my place in one piece. There was no electricity.

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