Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Another Friday

Today was interesting. I accomplished a lot a of errands. It's funny how 99% of the things I planned actually materialized even without having to note everything in my phone.

I paid the bills, prayed a little, went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of things for the household. I even bought a clothes iron!

That was only half of the day. The other half I spent with buddies H and Ellese. It's my first time to go to Trinoma and I love it. Those Ayalas really know how to make a good mall.

While at the award-winning supermarket, I saw someone I slept with months ago. He looked better. He clearly recognized me as he was also staring at me when we walked past each other. We exchanged text messages after that. It was a little awkward. What do you do when you see some guy whose last name you don't even know but had sex with before?

Anyway, I really hope my credit card application gets approved already. I am dying to max it out.

Could this post be more boring? Whatev. I'm so tired from all the walking.

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