Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's 2:30 AM and I just got from, uhm... a rendezvous. I've been up since early this (or yesterday) morning and needless to say, I had a full day. Woohoo!

Gym-check. Groceries-check. Fun dinner with cousins and Aunts-check. Diarrhea-check.

I've said this before but let me say it again; It's my rest day and rest is the last thing I'm getting. I mean, it was 12 AM and it's amazing how I still had the energy to go and hang out somewhere. It's all good though. I had a grand time today. Too bad I had to turn down my Aunt's invitation to visit Baguio tomorrow. :( Yup, all because of work. And to think I don't even like my job! Ugh.

Anyway, my muscles are aching and my eyes burn. That's it for now. Good night.

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