Sunday, January 04, 2009


If you live in Manila, you would probably agree that the past couple of days have been the coldest period in a long time. The sun lazily rises considerably late in the morning. The cold fog wouldn't evaporate until brunch time only to settle in again an hour or two before daytime retires. It's beautiful. The best thing is, it rarely rains; just low temperature with the occasional wind gushing about.

On the other hand, while the mercury drops, my carnal episodes are anything but chilly. The heat between two bodies skin to skin permeates and temporarily displaces the cold. Still, I long for a different kind of warmth. A relief not just for the cold, nor just to cure boredom or tame raging hormones but warmth to enliven my heart and soul.

Enjoy the weather while it lasts y'all.

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