Thursday, January 29, 2009

Destination: Hong Kong

In less than 3 weeks, my ass will be gracing the exciting land of chinks, egg tarts and shopping!

It really is a trip that I need very badly but thinking about how I'll make my meager funds cover this 3-day bender in a foreign country bursts my frivolity bubble. I did save up some moolah but I'm supposed to get a new laptop computer for that. Gawd, I don't know. Whatever. Maybe it's time I sell my soul to the devil.

I'm going with my friend/colleague H. We don't have a hotel reservation yet so any advice and suggestion will be very much appreciated. Location is very important. We don't need a swanky accommodation but no stained sheets, busted toilets, molds, and run-down hostels please. I also need to know how the weather in HK is during February.

Where's the best egg tarts? Where's the best shopping spot? (You know, like Uniqlo and H&M kind of shopping.) Where are the best bargains? Are jackets a must? Where do we buy pasalubong? Where do we get the best deals for electronics? Where do you suggest we go out for drinks at night? What else do we need to know? I can go on and on. Help!

Jeezus. It's funny how this leisure trip is turning into an obligation that's putting so much pressure on me. Ugh. I only want this to be fun, great and awesome though. It's my first time to get out of the friggin' country for god's sake.

So yeah, I'm going to Hong Kong. Yay!

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