Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pictionary: Star City Saturday

Yesterday was so much fun. I met up with my good friend Rica and painted the town rainbow. Okay. Not really but everything was so spontaneous, it was awesome.

First, we went to Harbour Square and had dinner at Shrimps Ahoy where the view, the breeze and the food are all good and inexpensive.

After dinner, we decided to go strolling around the area and eventually found ourselves in Star City. I've never been there before so it was exciting!

Rica and me in practically pambahay clothes.

We didn't buy tickets for the rides but we did get the ones for Snow World. It sucks that they don't allow cameras, phones, or any gadget for that matter, inside so I wasn't able to take pictures with my phone. It was a cool experience nonetheless. We spent just around 15 minutes inside because we were both wearing flip-flops! I got a little worried when our hands and feet started to get numb. Hahahah...

Anyway, check out some of the many attractions in Star City:

Tons of laughter, some churros, and a whole lot of spontaneity later, we left the place like silly kids again. This is the shit that good memories are made of.


  1. i love the first pic! Para syang painting! Ikaw kumuha? Anong gamit?

  2. Talaga? I took that photo with my phone!

  3. this looks like so much fun! fun...i remember what that used to be ....

  4. I know. Oh to be kids again...