Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oral Joys and Woes

After at least a year, one of them shows up again.

I like to think of him as de lata guy. Don't ask why. :) He's simple, humble and never boastful or arrogant. He has a very handsome face, the mestizo kind. You know, clear, fair skin and red lips. He looked a lot better than the last time we saw each other. I too, as he insisted, changed (read: gained weight)-- for the better I'd like to think as I used to be quite 'manorexic'. His are not my favorite set of teeth but his toes somehow make up for it.

Just like before, he was coy, polite and a little shy. But I later decided that he's a good mix of gentle and aggressive, overall charming. The kisses, the petting, the touches, everything, it's like he mastered it all. It was electrifying. Seriously, it was really good.

After some fun, he gave me a hand massage while we swapped more spit here in there. I thought it was very sweet. It was a good "aww moment".

Moments later, we left the building together. He wanted to stay and hang out some more but I had to brush off his tempting suggestion since I was already a few hours behind schedule. I hope we can see each other again soon but I doubt it. We had a great time today though.

Anyway, the reason why I had to go is because there's this gum part behind my left front tooth that's a little swollen. It has been a bitch these past days so I had to see the dentist. As advised, I had it x-ray-ed but I am yet to have the results interpreted. I hope it's nothing serious.

I also went shopping today for this little business I'm starting with a friend. I think it was a pretty productive day. Now if I can just find a new apartment already.

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