Sunday, March 15, 2009

What A Weekend

My very long weekend is about to end. :( But boy did I have a great time! :)

Yesterday has got to be the highlight of my 5-day off from work. I got to visit 3 malls and 2 clubs in a day. Now that's what I call productive.

It's the drug-free high of clubbing.

I think it was the first Saturday morning in a long time that I actually went out. First on my list was to get a haircut so off I went to Menage in Gateway, afterwhich I had a Mexican lunch at Taco Bell which I love. I always eat there when I find myself in the area. Then I went to SM Makati and Greenbelt to pay the phone bill and just wandered around.

After that, I headed to Rockwell. Gawd, it's been ages since I was there. I wanted to check out the Rockwell Urban Bazaar specifically to get clothes for my two lovable nephews in the US. (I read about the event through Chuvaness.)

Cute noh?

After getting a shirt my father asked me to buy, I went straight to the Rockwell tent

The funky onesie is from Googoo & Gaga. I also wanted to get the one with the Philippine flag on it from Urban Baby but it's sold out!

Gotta love Team Manila!

As for my 2-year old nephew, I got him a shirt from Team Manila's Tiny Manila line. Adorable, I know! I picked this out in the middle of the commotion over Raymund Marasigan who had an autograph signing stint at the store. I hated myself for not charging my phone before I left in the morning.

I just love Rockwell. It's not too crowded and the place is very clean. I also love looking at the many patrons who are clad in fashionable garb.

In the evening, I met up with Ate Monique, a relative who works in Singapore and is in town for a vacation. We had dinner at Sentro Greenbelt and later met up with my cousin, his girlfriend Miki and my sister. The five of us hit up Fiamma in Makati. The interiors are very swanky-looking and it seems to draw a good crowd but it wasn't that alive last night so we decided to transfer to Ascend at The Fort.

FYI: Ascend was fantastic but I'm not crazy about the way I smelled after getting out of the club. Fiamma, on ther hand, is very strict in prohibiting the customers from smoking inside. Bravo!

You know that feeling when you're dancing so much it's almost embarrassing how much you're sweating but you just can't bring yourself to stop anyway? I terribly missed that and thanks to last night's debauchery, I got to relive that feeling again. It's almost a spiritual experience now when I think of it.

Cheese anyone? It's not guilt-free but wonderful.

Today, Ate Monique and I watched 'You Changed My Life'. She wanted to see it, so whatever. And you know what, I actually liked it. It's a great feel-good movie. It's very baduy but very fun. Besides, when it comes to love, it's the baduy stuff that's usually the sweetest! Sarah's wig is surprisingly not that distracting.

That was an awesome weekend, don't you think?

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