Wednesday, March 25, 2009


He was very insistent. He was fun and sweet on text. He's just 20. He has been wanting to meet up with me since Monday. Because of my work, we didn't get to plan the rendezvous until this evening.

He suggested we meet at Mall of Asia at 7 pm. He also said we should go to his place after MOA. I was excited. He was too, he told me.

I arrived at the mall and wandered around since I wasn't getting any messages from him yet. About 30 minutes and 3 unanswered texts later, I decided to call him. It turns out he has been waiting for any text from me as well at the other side of the mall.Globe is seriously fucked up but I'll save that rant for some other time.

He's a little shorter than me but has a nice buff body which is a result of his daily gym routine. Upon restarting my phone, he was embarrassed by the fact that at least 20 messages came in and everything was from him. I thought he it was cute.

We walked around the mall with our arms constantly rubbing against each other, talking easily about random things. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders at some point.

We went to Sbarro where only I ate while he just played with his phone because according to him, he already had dinner and couldn't eat any more because it's late. How ridiculous, I thought, and I let him know too. But he was obviously dedicated to fitness. He even dragged me to some sporting goods stores where he looked for sweat suits.

After Sbarro, I told him I needed to go to the restroom, so I did. When I went out, he was nowhere to be found. I looked at the nearby shops but he wasn't there. I sent him text messages but I didn't get any response. I tried calling him multiple times but I I couldn't contact him either. The funny thing is, I thought of this thing happening while I was in the restroom.

Naturally, I was shocked. I honestly wanted to cry but I didn't. The insensitivity and cruelty left me in disbelief. How can anyone do that? I don't know what the hell happened but the only valid reason I'd accept is if he died.

I was already lining up to get a cab when I decided to go back to the mall for some therapy. I ended up getting a vest from Topman (pictured above) and Terranova which apparently has a men's line now.

Just a couple of minutes ago, he sent a text message. He sent 3 similar texts saying his phone battery got drained and he couldn't find me and he just got home. How fucking lame.


  1. Very lame... he could have waited right outside the f*ckin rest room ya know! Sheesh!