Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gaga Gang (1)

As I've mentioned, this weekend was so much fun albeit tiring. My good friend Shey from Iloilo visited and you know some crazy shit went down. The reason I say that is because we do things that we normally wouldn't do with other people (i.e. run along EDSA while rain is pouring, or eat at KFC in two separate tables and pretend we don't know each other).

Meet Shey. She gets paid to write about flirting and seduction.

We booked a room at the Renaissance Makati where we took tons of pictures of course. Spending a night there by the way is already crazy because we're both currently poor so yeah, any sponsorship for our next bonding time together would be greatly appreciated.

Once done with saying how much we miss each other, unpacking and cam-whoring, we headed to Greenbelt which is just across the street and had dinner at Cafe Mediterranean. Surprisingly, Shey now eats a decent amount of food. This is bad news for me because I'm used to finishing everything.

"I hate my hair." "I hate my skin."

The with and the emo kid.

Thank god for mirrors.


Around 11 pm, when we couldn't take any more pictures (within the confines of the room at least), we finally decided to leave and hit the clubs.

Unfortunately, diamonds are forming in my bladder right now and I'm starvation central so I'll finish this next time, ok? Again, blame PLDT because our phone and DSL won't get connected until 1 or 2 weeks from now. That's fucked up.

Coming up:

Bye for now!

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