Friday, July 31, 2009

Gaga in Manila

Are you going?

I’ll put to rest the eyeliner wearing, melodramatic emo kid in me and talk about something else for a bit.

Lady Gaga will be performing here in Manila on August 11, 2009 (less than two weeks away). I’ve been thinking of going to this concert since early July but it wasn’t until yesterday that I learned about my schedule for next month hence I haven’t really made any certain plans yet. I called Ticketnet this morning and it turns out all the tickets are sold out except for the cheap seats at the Upper Box B and General Admission areas. I’m kind of surprised and bummed all the reserved seating tickets for Upper Box A are sold out but that’s probably a good thing since I'm poor and I have other things to spend on anyway.

The real dilemma now though is; who do I go with? I’m considering going all by myself but I don’t know. Loser much? Isn’t it a little awkward to jump and dance around to Poker Face all alone in a crowd of cliques?


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