Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh No They Didn't

Is it just me or is it actually shocking that they've started making fake Marc by Marc Jacobs shirts? The bags, fine; I've seen ones from Chloe to Prada. But shirts? Marc by Marc Jacobs? Jeez, they're stepping it up aren't they? The worse is these shirts are extremely cute. But fake is fake.

I saw these at Greenhills yesterday when I was with my good friend H. I didn't bother to check how much they cost.

I finally have DSL at home. PLDT myDSL is great but it took them two days to complete the installation. The guys who came over yesterday morning told us they'll be back in the afternoon but they didn't come back until today. That's not right.


  1. siguro po 200 max per piece..aww, theyre cute nga

  2. Feeling ko mas mahal. I just don't know. Oh well.

  3. OH MY EFFIN! Kung may fake Balmain, yun na lang ang bibilhin ko. Pero fake MJ shirts, por dios por santo! :-(