Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gaga Gang (2)

I didn't eat a single thing today but it's fine because I look good and I wore stockings with my Chucks so fuck you.

I'm nice and I just came to dance. But don't spill your drink on me or I'll cut your face.

Any takers?

After our mandatory cam whore session, Shey and I finally went down to Cinna Bar at the lobby where we had our complimentary drinks and continued to snap away a little more.
This is for the times we didn't get to drink shit-faced together when we needed to do so very much.

Just before midnight, we hit up Greenbelt. We went to Ice Vodka Bar for the mojitos. The drinks were fine but the music was mediocre. The DJ seemed like some random pundit who experimented with the sound system and based his tracks on a list of horrible songs usually played by aweful radio stations. No wonder there's only two people dancing; a pasty caucasian guy who occasionally wiped the floor with his pants and his partner, a Filipino girl who would later wipe the former's jizz off her mouth.
I remembered these to be better.
Bored with Greenbelt, we decided to check out LAX at the bay side of Mall of Asia's complex. I expected a lot since the club opened with DJ Samantha Ronson spinning. I'm not sure if it's the poor facade or the sad line outside, but we decided to leave without even trying to get in. Basically, we just went from Makati to MOA to pee.

I recall having a great time at Ascend a few weeks ago so Shey and I jumped in a cab and headed to The Fort. I was initially disappointed becase (1) the club stank of cigarette smoke and (2) the track list was so hip-hop. They played Nelly and some tunes I used to love when I was in high school. Once Daft Punk got into the mix however, I was a happy boy. Then I just completely lost my shit when Lady Gaga exploded from the speakers. And by that I mean I was dancing like a maniac and Shey was, too, then she knocked my drink off my hand and spilled it all over the damn floor. But of course no one cared. It was sick. I loved it.

It's mainly hip-hop with a punch of electronica and dance, finished with a lot of hotness.

There's nothing like dancing like a sweaty beast, drinking like a fish and smelling like shit when partying.

At 3 am, we decided to leave since I had to work five hours later. Shey and I made a little video while looking for a cab but I deleted it because it's too painful to watch.

We had to drop by McDonald's (Greenbelt) because there's nothing like pigging out after drinking and dancing.--- That bitch of a crew member messed up our orders which we didn't notice until we hopped in a cab so we had to make another stop (Mini Stop) for a bottle of water.

This is me stuffing my face with junk.

Anyway, it was a good night. No, it was an awesome night.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Bitch even ruined her stockings.

Hello 911? I think I'm about to get murdered by my friend.

We should do this again soon.

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