Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't-Fuck-With-Me Days

Three months, two out-of-town trips, a major heartbreak, and God knows how many throat problems later, I'm exhausted as hell. And it's just the first quarter of the year---my year!

Lately, I've been especially concerned about the future and other serious grownup thoughts. My interest towards my job is at an all-time low, and yet my uncontrollable spending is beginning to seriously burden me which is why I haven't been shopping this past weeks. I've also been thinking about my sister who has a new boyfriend, a colleague who may have HIV, and someone I terribly miss.

The other day, I had a mini meltdown when I couldn't find the documents I need for something very important. To top it all off, my hypersensitive throat is a constant source of shittiness.

Gawd, I miss my friends. I need good vibes for a change.

Gotta put the computer to sleep. It's Earth Hour.

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