Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Effing Throat

I may have to get a tonsillectomy and I'm scared shitless. It's not really the operation itself but the anesthesia. Just thinking of that gigantic needle piercing through my spine makes me want to cry.

Since college, my throat has been a pain in the neck (pun intended). All this time, I've been having recurring sore throats/tonsilitis. You have no idea how much I've been spending on antibiotics. Those things are not cheap. My Mercury Drug Suki Card proved to be very useful.

My parents have been suggesting I undergo the operation because the bacteria may reach the heart and this will lead to rheumatic heart disease. So yeah, I'm totally fucked.

I plan to see an ENT tomorrow. I hope he/she is not a fan of epidurals.

Ok wait, there's hope. I just did a little research and general anesthesia is commonly used for tonsillectomies. This is the kind the patient inhales or is induced through the IV.