Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Today was interesting and more productive than the usual aimless stroll around the mall. I wasn't able to hit the gym but I finally went to this travel agency to inquire about their US visa application assistance.

My father has been bothering me about this endlessly! There was never a phone conversation that didn't include him telling me to check this agency and I finally did today just so I can tell him that I did.

Just like I thought, it's very likely that the planned application will get denied again if I would be unemployed soon. I've been thinking of quitting my job you see.

All the pressure of having to keep a job that I hate and the pressure of not disappointing my parents have been stressing me out a lot. It's a good thing Erin came to the rescue earlier while I was at Robinson's Manila. I was able to forget about my worries for a while.

After eating, we headed to the red light district of Malate early before the party hours. There's nothing like a fun conversation while drinking al fresco (outside O Bar). The idea that it was my first time there would have been a big deal if not for the fact that we were the only customers at that time. Hahah... It was still a lot of fun though.

Spontaneous little things make me happy. Planning the future gets me worried.

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