Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Effing Throat 2

Hi and hello from Megamall!

No ice cold Coke for me.

So I just consulted the ENT at the efficient, clean and organized Megaclinic. The good news is, it's not my tonsils. So I don't really need a tonsillectomy soon. The bad news is, it's my pharynx. Basically, what the doctor said is, I'm just one of those malas people with very sensitive throats. He also said, with great emphasis, that this will last forever and I should avoid sweets and cold food/drinks.

Uhmm... No. I need my cake and ice cream and shakes and frappes.

But I'm relieved that if ever I would need a tonsillectomy, he confirmed that general anesthesia will be induced and not epidural. Hallelujah.

I love the Wham! here in Mega. It's a little noisy but I love the tables and the comfy large couches (not pictured above). And you can't go wrong with those hefty burgers.

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