Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway Philippines: The Future Isn't Very Bright

In the latest episode of Project Runway Philippines, the designers were asked to make a futuristic creation to be featured on Preview Magazine. This challenge excited me so much. It's so Lady Gaga, 2007 Baleciaga and vintage Thierry Mugler.

The more challenging part though was they had to use natural fabrics so thoughts of metal corsets and shoulder pads quickly vanished.

Cherry decided to make a paper mache bustier with a purple eco-friendly fabric which is very creative. But does it look futuristic? Not enough I think.

Richie's look was appropriately styled and his dress is not that bad at all. It could have been more flattering though if he gave the dress a better silhouette. An inverted triangle perhaps?

This dress is more 80s than futuristic. The zipper piping was a good idea but Manny needs to broaden his perspective.

Little Meanne surprised everyone with her garment. I love it although I think the length and volume of the skirt are a little awkard. Bitch is stepping it up though, so kudos to her.

Again, 80s. If Russell was thinking 'UFOs', I'm thinking 'pancakes'.

This dress by Santi could have won if not for the tragic dress. The judges were right. The bolero was already enough to carry the look so he should've toned down with the dress. And don't get me started about how he made a fool of his model by making her act like a stupid robot on national television. That was painful to watch. Shame on you Santi.

I don't know about you but even Hanz's winning dress doesn't seem too futuristic either. It's edgy and well made, and I love the straps and buckles but the pouffy sleeves are very off. He could've just removed those and worked with a more elaborate collar instead.

Meanwhile, Randy's bitch who got stuck in a giant vase prompted the judges to eliminate him. I didn't expect this because Randy seems to have so much potential--not to mention ambition. I'm looking at the bright side by thinking at least we no longer have to deal with Randy's weird manner of talking.

Next week, the designers are going on a field trip. I wonder if this is the photo inspiration challenge. Let's see.



  1. Hmmmm.... I need to watch this pa. Wala pa sa youtube.

  2. if you were so good, maybe you should be on the show instead of them. but, oh, i guess you're really not. all talk.. keep your condescending comments to yourself because no one cares about some big talking coward like you.

  3. so what's up with sir randy's manner of talking, eh? he's the best! a good designer and a GREAT person indeed.