Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Rants

At Chef's

I bought new shoes yesterday! The first time I saw them was at Shang worn by a high school kid. I didn't know where he got them then until I saw them last week at Greyone Social, Greenbelt 5. It's a little out of my budget but I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I called the store 2 days ago to check the available sizes. The guy told me they no longer have it 10 and the biggest size left is 9.5. I was seriously disappointed but I visited the store anyway. Surprisingly, the 9.5 pair fits perfectly! It's my birthday gift for myself.

They're actually skating shoes (I can't skate) but I don't care. They look like space boots to me.

I'll post pictures soon.

The Hipster Med Student

I met up with this skating, piano/violin/bass-playing med student the other day. He's a hardcore hipster. We get along intellectually and lifestyle-wise but it's very sad there's not enough attraction on my part. We still keep in touch though.

Mr. and Ms. Idol-icious 2009

My friend H and I were supposed to watch this hot mess last night. We only bought tickets because a friend of ours decided to finally do something with his life and join this contest after months of realizing his lifelong dream of being a bum.

It featured 48 candicates all vying to be the Mr. and Ms. Idol-icious 2009. The catch: they all have dicks.

But alas, after waiting for 2 hours for the train wreck to start, H and I decided to leave and attend to more important matters (details below).

The Chef

It's a Jason Preston + Marc Jacobs night last night. He's almost twice my age, very succesful and very hot. On the other hand, I'm nothing but a lowly citizen with a taste for danger.

The night was hot, sensual and fun.

It was my first time to actually spend the night in a guy's place. The debauchery only continued when he woke up (I couldn't sleep). I don't know how else to describe it but almost perfect. After taking separate baths, we had breakfast at a nearby diner, then he drove me home. It's unforgettable.


  1. OH MY GOD, I'm so kilig with The Chef! Hahaha! More stories about you and that Marc Jacobs-ish guy in the succeeding posts. LOL! :-)

  2. Kaya nga. It's amazing! Sana lang we'll see each other again soon.

  3. Miss Idol with dicks? Interesting! What do they have to do? Sing?