Monday, February 28, 2011

Class Act

If I fail the midterms, blame it on 'To Catch A Predator'. Last week, instead of reading 10 chapters of school material, I spent more time on Youtube watching perverts try to do sexy times with minors. Come Saturday morning, not only was I late. I, along with pretty much the rest of the class, didn't have a clue for the most part of the damn exam.

We consoled ourselves by pigging out and boozing. After a very exquisite lunch at this small eatery near the school, we didn't waste any time and headed to Good Earth Roasts, Rockwell. We were downing beer and cocktails by 2pm.

Early evening, we decided to hit the launch of Mint footwear in South Forbes. My friend's brother is one of the guys that's importing the brand. I like how casual the atmosphere was like it's just another rich-kid house party but with more inflatables and expensive rides on display. The alcohol was free-flowing by the way.

Watch our for Mint!

We left the party around midnight and headed to Mercato Centrale at The Fort for some street food for rich people. Like alcoholics, some of us still had drinks in plastic cups in hand as we surveyed the gastronomic spectacle.

There's a plethora of eats to choose from.

The place is pretty small but there's no shortage of food choices. Pick from Chinese, American, Italian, Filipino cuisine and more.

As the venue was packed, no table was available so my friends and I decided to just sit on the pavement and happily inhaled our food like real, classy socialites.

Judging by the crowd, this place is a hit.

We had baked potatoes, burgers, ribs and sago-gulaman.

The ultra-luxurious pee-poop area.

Al fresco dining at midnight.

In case I do fail the midterms (which I surely hope I don't), at least I'd remember the rest of this day to be pretty awesome.


  1. I saw some very interesting posts here. You are very enthusiastic about blogging. It was a pleasure to meet you. I follow you too. Bye!

  2. Hey, thanks so much. See you around. :)