Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warning: Dessert Overload

Unsurprisingly, I braved this gastronomic, calorific event all by myself. I thought it was perfect as I was nursing a hangover and a broken heart. The day before (Friday) was so eventful and emotionally, physically and mentally taxing.

That's Lori herself, the blogger behind dessertcomesfirst.com, addressing the crowd.

The place was already buzzing when I arrived which was around 2pm. It was a good mix of foodies, bloggers, brand representatives and sponsors.


My first attack was on the unlimited(?) Selecta Hershey's ice cream collection. I only had one cup.

Then to perk me up, I got an iced latte at the Boyds Coffee station where coffee was free-flowing.

Dulcelin's Pork buns with Kurabota Pork cooked sous-vide humba-style, Red Rice with Lettuce & Shrimp and Mango Torte.

Once Lori officially announced the start of the feast, I decided to munch on the few meat dishes that I spotted as I haven't had lunch yet.

Ma Chicken Mami House's Special Mami & Honey-BBQ Siopao.

This has to be one of my favorites, Tina Raines' Cheese Steak Pie.

By the time I was done with the "main course" I was already full. But of course I had to make the most out of this experience not only because I won the invite and I paid P500 but because every good meal is not good enough without dessert.

Sweet Bella wins Best in Presentation or Most Photogenic in my book.

Even before the eating started, everybody seemed drawn to Sweet Bella's booth. Everything was just so pretty. I love that the cake, Strawberry Charlotte I believe, was generously adorned with strawberries! It was so good. I'm not sure what that other one I had is called but it's this rich chocolate cake that was so moist it was almost overwhelming. Sweet Bella really filled me up.

Kitchen’s Best had four pastries to offer; Mango Sansrival, White Chocolate-Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake, Plaisir Sucré, Purple Yam Cake.

I liked Kitchen's Best's cheesecake but I'm not really a fan of their purple yam cake or purple yam in general.

Simply Pie's Spinach, Feta & Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche

I just have to say, the lovely people at Starbucks were very nice and attentive. I didn't get coffee from them as I can always get that anywhere but they did provide me with a good supply of much needed water and a packet of their VIA Ready Brew.

Karen's Kitchen's Sticky Toffee Pudding, Craisin Bread, Chicken Cotton Wheat Bread 

Uhm, the ice cream is all over the plate.

The sticky toffee pudding by Karen's Kitchen was good but it's the only one I liked on that plate. I wish they skipped the vanilla ice cream.

By the time I reached my 7th baker (there were 11 bakers plus sponsors), I could barely breathe---and it's not just the skinny jeans. But it's a good thing I didn't stop just yet.

Paisley Pastry's baked goods and “Bekon” which is ultra-crispy bacon eaten dipped in chocolate. I know.

Paisley Pastry takes the cake for creativity. Who would have thought bacon can be dessert? It was really good too. Gina Lopez, the baker herself, gave me my share. What a nice, accommodating lady.

When the raffle, where I unfortunately didn't win anything, ended, I decided to leave since friends were waiting for me at a Starbucks nearby. I still had three bakers to go so I decided to just bring the food with me.

Carla & Elaine's goodies that my friends enjoyed.

Jill Sandique's Pistachio Sans Rival and Pili Sans Rival, Jam Thumbprints, Sesame Spice Cookies and Chocolate Chubbies, also enjoyed with friends.

Lastly, check out Ann Puno's Choc Nut cupakes and cakes. Oh. My. Goodness.

In the middle of stuffing myself with these sinful yet delicious treats, I wondered why there were no medics present. I, for one, needed some medical help at some point because I could barely breathe. I didn't have anything else the rest of that day save for a cup of tea.

Though it would have been so much fun had I attended this event with a friend or two, I'm glad I still came. It's one thing to salivate over Lori's blog posts in the middle of the night and another to actually feast on such mouth-watering delights like it's nobody's business, diet be damned.