Thursday, April 14, 2011

Missing Valuables

I'm about to fucking lose my mind. The other day, I realized I'm missing a shirt. I checked with my mother if I left it at home. Negative. Now, while packing for my trip home, I realized I'm missing another top! It's this white Zara vest that I got on sale last year. Fuck!

The fastest way to ruin my mood is to mess with my wardrobe. I get a panic attack whenever I notice a shirt missing. It fucks up my mind big time. Ask my mom.

You see, I'm no heir to an empire. I don't have the luxury to go shopping as often as I want to. I've hurt my finances because of shopping though so I very much value what I have.  I have trouble letting go of a lot of items in my wardrobe---even the ones which have obviously seen better days. My clothes are very dear to me. My closet is not (yet) teeming with Lanvin, Alexander Wang or Burberry Prorsum but I have a special attachment to many of the pieces in it. It sounds deranged to some but that's that.

I can't stand this. I feel like running to the mall right now to get tops that look and feel the closest to the ones I'm missing.


  1. Hmm get a grip buba they are just shirts :)

  2. I can somehow connect. Clothes can give us self-confidence once in a while. Misplacing your boldest piece, seems like losing a bit of your nerve too.

  3. It's like me telling you it's just a video game. :P

    Some people have pets, some have gadgets, some have clothes.