Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Globe Super Sucks

After almost seven weeks, the Globe Super Surf application saga has come to an end---that is of course if there won't be any problem with the activation of the service. But boy am I glad I finally got to claim the sim card yesterday. But only after more stress and time were incurred.

Once the application got approved, I got updates from Mark Palanca who called me numerous times on separate occasions verifying information and arranging the delivery. The sim was supposed to be delivered last week as promised. My uncle waited in the office the whole day for nothing. Globe never reached out to us to let us know what happened so I called them yesterday. As usual, the only thing the agent could do was to make a case which she "will forward to another department, blah, blah, blah". By this time, I already memorized their damn spiel. I asked for a supervisor and spoke to Michelle Solis who was helpful enough to get in touch with the guys that take care of the delivery (Mark). A few minutes later, I spoke to Mark and asked if I could just pick up the sim card since my uncle is not in town and their office is just 10 minutes away. He agreed as long as I could present IDs and a signed authorization letter. With some tricks in the computer, I was able to secure the requirements. You'd think it's smooth sailing from there, but no.

Mark and I met up and he had one of his staff assist me. I was surprised when they brought me to this poorly ventilated stockroom with piles of packages all over the place. They talked to a guy with the dreadlocks wearing a DB Shenker uniform. From what I overheard, the logistics personnel had no idea about the sim card. Rashel, Mark's staff, had to go out to get more documents while her boss went out to smoke. I on the other hand, sat quietly feeling ignored.

I overheard that the delivery didn't push through because logistics noticed the package didn't come with a mobile unit. They didn't realize it was a line-only application, it's not supposed to come with a phone. There was an obvious stupid miscommunication between departments.

About half an hour has passed and they still couldn't find my package. Judging from the way Rashel and 'Dreads' talked to each other, I knew there was a problem. I shot them looks that let them know I was not having it. The entire time none of them bothered to update me about what's going on. Mark never returned from his yosi break.

Miracles later, they finally found the damn envelope.

Up to now, I still don't understand how such a big company can run a business this way. The manner this case was handled was very unprofessional. After I handed the P1,000 cash-out in that stockroom (no counter or glass windows involved), Rashel gave me my change and expected me to leave without a receipt. I had to ask for a photocopy of one of the documents and had her sign it.

So there, Globe sucks. If you happen to know anyone who may be able to help make sure something like this doesn't happen again, feel free to share this entry. We deserve better service.

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