Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Skies and Starry Eyes

And we're back! I'm back in Manila, I'm back from my vacation and unfortunately I brought a few extra pounds with me.

My 10-day escape brought me to different places with the company of friends and loved ones. It was great to be able to get away like that. There's really never enough time when you're on vacation.

Gurrrrrrl, yeah bettah werrk those lashes!

Welcome serenade at the airport. There were festivities when I arrived. There really is no place like home.

The location of this religious image boggles me. It's in the middle of restaurants and bars at the new hot spot, Plazuela de Iloilo where I reunited with friends.

Ah, Tagaytay. I finally got to visit my Aunt in Cavite.

First time at Nuvali.

Staring at the sky.

I hope you too are doing very good.


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  1. Enjoyed my visit in Nuvali too especially feeding the fishes ha ha.. Will definitely come back to that place..