Friday, June 24, 2011

Falcon Friday

I know it's very wrong to celebrate when others are suffering but our professor just cancelled our class for tomorrow morning and I can't help but feel happy about it. You know what it's like to learn that classes are suspended just a day or even hours before you're supposed to be in school. You know that feeling, right? It's one of the best. It makes me feel like celebrating tonight since it's very rare these days that I'm free to stay up and out on a Friday night. Then again with this weather, curling up to Sex and the City seems like a more plausible idea.

I hope everyone's safe. Last night, even I had trouble going home and my place is just 10 minutes away. I have a friend who had to bring their cars to a mall just to save it from the flood. Then they had to walk home. All thanks to tropical storm 'Falcon' which I hope does not turn out to be another 'Ondoy'.

Speaking of which, I'm the only one left in the office so bye and be safe!

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