Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 30-day Rainfall in 6 Hours

Greetings from the office--which is practically deserted. Thanks to typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana), about 80% of the people here cannot make it to work. But that's nothing compared to the large scale damage this very bad weather has caused all over Manila.

According to the news, approximately 40 people are dead or missing.

It has been raining relentlessly this past couple of days. When I went home yesterday morning, it was just drizzling. While I was sound asleep, little did I know that flood water almost drenched our living area downstairs if not for the efforts of my cousin and our helper.

I almost did not go to work tonight but thankfully, the rain and flood water subsided eventually. It took me ages to get a cab though.

But I consider myself one of the fortunate people in this time of calamity. Running water, DSL, electricity and even cable are still available in our household. Meanwhile, there are families stuck in rooftops as of the moment and some people are literally dying. It's really sad.



  1. Bakit kaya? May meaning ba ito? May pinapahiwatig ba si Bathala? Si Noynoy ba ang dapat?

  2. Hindi ko rin alam. Depressing!