Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bruni La Musique

You have to hand it to the French. Their first lady is a former model who is not only stunning but can also sing. And to say that her music is not bad would be an understatement. About four of her songs have been in my playlist for a few months now. I don't listen to them everyday but when I do, it's always a treat. Now, I cannot stop downloading more.

Her version of 'You Belong to Me' is warm, soothing and romantic. Just beautiful.

This other one, if I'm not mistaken, is also a cover. It's the kind of music that speaks to you despite it being in French like most of her songs. It evokes emotions that are hard to explain, not so different from the way Beethoven's classics would.

This one has a slight Jack Johnson quality to it, only sexier.

Her music often transports you to a cinematic setting straight out of a French film. Thanks to Mrs. Sarkozy, quiet Sunday afternoons or cold, stay-in nights such as this one become enchanting and more interesting.



  1. Nagsimula ang pagkabighani ko sa kanyang musika ng mapakinggan ko siya sa Verbotene Liebe a couple of years ago. meron ako nung No promises album niya. ang galing =>

  2. "Bighani" I love that!

    I hope she comes out with another album, maybe after she gives birth.:)