Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenging Class

Ohmigodmycutieclassmatesatinfrontofmelastnight! And now, I'm 100% sure he's gay. Must. Not. Get. Distracted.

Also, the professor for our events class is Fashion Pulis! What a character! Think 'Joshua' from Temptation Island fame but louder. He spruced up his Fred Perry shirt and dark, denim pants combo with red, suede loafers; an orange, snakeskin bangle; diamond encrusted watch and ring plus a big, tan Birkin (of course) which sat on his table like an altar. At one point, he brought out a gigantic fan as if the air-conditioning wasn't strong enough despite the fact that we were freezing our balls off. Then again, he just came from Iceland.

Just like him, this course is bound to be extravagant.

"Kidneys, meet eBay."


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. i laughed so hard because your first statement. go for gold :D

  2. Hahah... Thanks! We'll see. :)