Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Bets

I'm no pageant expert and I don't exactly scream my tonsils out during the airing of the annual Ms. Universe competition but after last year's brouhaha, this year's event should be an interesting one.

Of course I do hope the Philippines' representative, Shamcey Supsup, at least gets in the Top 5. She's in good shape and thank goodness the girl is smart and articulate. However, securing that spot is not easy. There are some tough competition.

Mostly based on pictures only, here, I think, are some of the other candidates to watch.

Costa Rica

This girl is oozing with sultry Latina appeal. I'm not sure how tall she is and I'm doubting she's elegant enough but she certainly has strong presence.


We all know she's getting in the Top 16, right? (Or is it Top 15?) Well, she is stunning you know.


Ms. Greece has striking facial features and she seems to know how to move and pose. Confident and gorgeous. A strong contender this one.


I love how sweet Ms. Angola looks. There's just something about her.


Hello, Niki Taylor is that you? I'm not so sure about this Parisian lass but I'd watch out for her anyway.

Other girls that are also worth noting are Israel, Korea and Czech Republic.

As much as I would like to stay home and watch the show live, I can't because of work. I guess I'd have to settle for Twitter updates. Tomorrow, err today, should really be an official holiday for gay guys.

Photos: missuniverse.com


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