Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Shmashion

It's Twitter's fault. That's my excuse. Being bombarded with updates about this year's Fashion's Night Out and the shows at New York Fashion Week has somehow washed out my enthusiasm for putting out my own opinion on the collections. Truth be told, I haven't even checked a single show online. There's just something about the influx of real-time information from different sources about a single subject that throw me off. Fashion this, fashion that. It's like so much has been said and for some reason, I find myself separating from the herd. Lately, I've been thinking more (than usual at least) about food. I've stuffed my face with ice cream, pancakes and doughnuts. Am I going the Tyra Banks route? Ugh. No.

Oh but do not turn your back on me dear fashion forces. This is nothing but a phase. Perhaps the upcoming Paris Fashion Week will be more interesting.

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