Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Rants

Obrigada Obrigado

I believe there is no single correct answer, only an honest and well-delivered one. Miss Philippines' question was difficult and controversial. It deserves a series of debates. I personally have a different opinion but her conviction is certainly admirable. She was sharp, confident and honest. She spoke sincerely from the heart which was the best way to defend her stand.

Having said all that, I think she deserved at least 2nd runner-up. As for Angola, she was lovely and she is not undeserving. She was one of my bets after all.

That's all. Muito obrigado bitches.

Last Night on the Island

There's something happening.

During the last night of our stay in Boracay, I met someone. It wasn't a surprise but it's not planned either. We found each other online that evening and it so happened we were both going out that night so we decided to meet outside Epic. I have a vague recollection of the few minutes we spent together as I was already a little hammered then. I remember him to be tall, quite cute with chinito features and an average body. There was a naughty moment but we both realized we didn't want it or want each other enough so we eventually decided to part ways never to hear from each other again. Perhaps we were just up for different things? Not important. I am more interested in what I feel about it--or not feeling really. Sure, it would have been fun if we took things farther but I am amused at how I didn't care so much that we didn't hit it off which is really, in my opinion, how such situation should be handled. And it's not just with this guy too. It's refreshing, this kind of apathy. 

Based on history trends, this is supposed to be the season when my dating life is relatively active; when my fumes are luring in potential partners. But alas, I'm barely talking to guys and it's cool.

School Again

School has just started again and I'm already getting stressed out. Gawd, I hope this is not a prelude of the things to come. Not fun. Ooh, by the way, I have a cute classmate. Hah!


  1. imho they both answered well, ms Angola just appeared to be more charming. mustve been the whole heehee there I go again interrupting ny interpreter bit. lol

  2. lol Oh well. We were very well-represented.