Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Thoughts: Faith and Miracles

It's the last day of the year so I can't help but ponder on some memorable things that happened during 2011. It was definitely not an easy year. Health-wise, I feel like every single challenge was thrown at me. I'm most probably to blame for the most part but despite all that, I'm still thankful, especially for the favorable HIV screening and dengue test results.

Because of health concerns, I didn't get to visit Cebu in September. I was excited because it would have been my first time. I never really had any reason to visit but I thought I should since I've heard so much about it. But that weekend, I was a no-show for my CEB flight and flew home instead. It sucked because I really wanted to go. So I thought "Maybe next year."

Then this internship landed on my lap in October. Just when I thought it's about to end, the program gets extended. I also learned that I'll be sent to Cebu for an event. It was work, yes, and it was very tiring but I'm happy about it because it's my first and the only new place I visited this year.

It's just amazing how He finds ways at the right time.

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