Friday, December 30, 2011

Pending Penises

There are two guys that I didn't get to meet recently because I was too busy.

The first one is an established marketing professional who is so nice he's bordering boring. I've been talking to him for a few weeks now. He texts almost everyday and calls once in a while. He's also 10 years older than me. I don't mind the age difference so much but I wish he would be more interesting and exciting.

This other guy that I'm supposed to go out on a date with is my friend Jeff's friend. It's so funny because of all my friends, it's him, a straight guy, that is setting me up on a blind date. I don't know anything about the guy except he has a buff body and dresses well. The latter part of course is according to Jeff's own observation. The initial plan was to go out before Christmas but with all the events class craziness among others, that didn't push through. Unless that guy is no longer up for it, we're going to have to squeeze in that date in 2012.

I would have met more guys, either for clean or dirty fun but it's either I was just uninterested or again, busy.

I hope the new year brings more happiness--not necessarily in the form of guys or dates but I wouldn't mind that either because hello, it's about time I get myself into a serious committed relationship. Major changes are right ahead, I can feel.

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