Friday, December 30, 2011

Tired Traveler

Sleepless and with only oatmeal in my tummy, I went to the airport around 11:30 am and found the longest lines, the biggest crowd of travelers I've seen in NAIA Terminal 3. It was crazy. Everyone's going on holiday trips.

It seems like the airlines/airport can't keep up with the volume of travelers though. My 1:30 pm flight to Iloilo was moved to 4:25 pm due to technical reasons. Just what I needed. I was really looking forward to sleeping in the plane and more in the hotel before meeting friends for dinner. But I didn't need to be more stressed about it so I just decided to grab a sandwich and some cookies.

Thank goodness my brother sent me his old Blackberry. It was fun hottie watching (there were lots) but I couldn't do just that for 3 hours.

Four o'clock rolled around and still no boarding announcement. My suspicion was confirmed when I saw the Cebu Pacific ground staff at our gate handing out Jollibee meals. More waiting, 4:45 pm was our new estimated departure time.

As there were too many exhausted travelers waiting, a lot of us had to settle for the floor. I had my Chicken Joy Japanese style. It ain't Bon Chon but hey.

The rest of the time I spent walking around, browsing online and live Tweeting my flight delay debacle.

Surprisingly, I didn't hate the experience so much. I just wanted to make sure that the flight doesn't get cancelled altogether. It was out of my control so I might as well take it lightly. Besides, other people, including elderly and handicap ones, were also subjected to the same inconveniences.

It was already almost 6 pm when we finally left Manila. I was out for the most part of the flight. You can just imagine how glad I was upon landing ILO. I couldn't wait to get to my hotel.

Then, just when I thought things were looking up, it turns out they didn't have the exact room I had my friend reserve.

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