Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Thoughts: Family

I miss spending the holidays with my family all complete and together, one zip code, one timezone. But we grow old and hopefully, apart only physically.

This year, the family was blessed with another member. She's my first niece and I have yet to meet her in person. Based on the photos, she's fabulous!

I'm spending new year's eve at home with my parents and relatives. It's great but I can't help but wish my siblings and their own families were also here. This new year celebration is meaningful because it may be the last one (until God knows when) that I spend with the parentals here at home. They're set to migrate to the US in less than two months to join my brother and sister. It's seriously scaring me but I think I'll be fine.

There are still issues to be settled but I believe that sooner or later, everything will fall in its right place, no matter the distance and time difference.

In 2012, we will begin to live different lives in separate parts of the world. I am hopeful that these changes will  indeed only make the love grow fonder and the bond stronger.

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