Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Neighborhood Tailor

Greetings from my hometown! I'm here for the weekend to attend my cousin's wedding.

After the festivities, my pops and I walked to the neighborhood tailor today. It's the same one who has been making our barongs since I was a lot younger. He also made the military-inspired pants that I designed back  when I was in fifth grade. Yeah, I started early.

It's good to know he's still around. His shop reeks though. I'm glad he's quick so we didn't have to stay there for very long.

I had some old button-down shirts altered. They're pretty decent but are too big. Hopefully the result will be good so I can finally wear them soon after being stored in the closet unused for years. They're too nice to be put to waste. By tomorrow, I'll be able to get one to check the fit. Is he fast or what? I'm not sure how much it's going to cost (thanks to pops) but I don't think it's as much as it is in Manila.

When we got there, he was working on a pair of Levi's jeans which he was supposed to reduce to 31" from 40". According to my father, who is a loyal client, this tailor used to be based in Manila. He also used to have other tailors working for him. But they were too stubborn so he decided to get rid of them and go solo. I wish there were more like him who prioritize craftsmanship and not just money. His work is clean and he really understands tailoring.

Also, there's something wonderful about going to that tailor today with my father. It's just like the old times.


  1. Ugh, wish he never left. I've ruined many a pair with butchers/tailors. It's hard to find good craftsmanship these days.