Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The truth is, I haven't been working for a month. It wasn't until today that I begrudgingly went back to my old office after some time of doing nothing non-work related activities.

My 4-month internship with a telecom company ended last month. The plan was to take several weeks off after that, before I go back to my old job, to relax and also to seek other employment opportunities. But my parents visited then migrated, then my cousin visited and got married, then I went home and went to Boracay, so I never really got to look for a job properly. I am only human. I did update my resumé though. Besides, isn't it more fun to look for a job online while you're in the office being paid to do something else? How ironic though. On the day that I returned to the office, a co-worker got terminated.

The month-long holiday that I had was fun and very indulgent but, except for that night when I may have tried something illegal, I've been pretty harmless and well-behaved. Oh, how time flies.

The thought of going back to work feels good. Doing the actual work itself? Uh, well, like what they say, it's the thought that counts. Nonetheless, it's about time I'm back in the office. I wish I do but I don't shit money.



  1. Just hang in there dude. Once people will learn to eat money, so will the money-shitting thing becomes a reality.

  2. wouldn't it be nice if companies paid us NOT to work? lolz

  3. That would not be nice, it'd be awesome. :)