Thursday, March 01, 2012

Who's more of a knockout?

In this corner, giving serious face in a studded, satin jacket, and, uhm, a jockstrap, J to the Lo!

In this corner, wearing Chanel boxing gloves, leopard bloomers (?), and some serious Photoshop, Madge!

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of the latest issue of V Magazine, 'The Sports Issue'. Upon seeing it, I immediately thought of Madonna's Interview cover from April 2008.

So who wins this round? I would have given it to J.Lo but that jockstrap, which obviously belongs to a black man, is way too distracting. I'm all for experimenting but please don't give the girl a penis.



  1. I own every J.Lo record but there's something about AI J.Lo that I just don't like.. my vote's for madge. haha

  2. What's wrong with AI J.Lo? I like her there. :)

  3. Truth is idek either. Partida, I stood by her "Brave" days. I'm not sure what exactly it is about AI J.Lo that turns me off. I just know she does. haha

  4. Lol at "brave days"! Bad album. Hahah...

  5. Definitely, Madonna!

    I also love JLO but Madonna is my hero.

  6. OK Madge is kicking JLo's infamous ass here. :D