Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When It Rains

What the fuck is up with all this rain? It's been going on and on for a good three weeks or so. Almost three years ago we had Ondoy. Now, this phenomenon we can only call the August 7 monsoon.

Yesterday, on my way to school, I was mentally bitching about how I got my shoes soaked. I don't think that's what Sebago had in mind when they came up with boat shoes. Earlier, I didn't even mind getting wet on the way home.

I left the office before lunchtime since work was already suspended. I headed to the supermarket hoping to get food and supplies. It looks like everyone had the same plan because the line was insane. I've never seen anything like it there. One of the lines was actually snaking around half of the place with easily 50 people queueing. There were only four cashiers that made it to work.

I gave up my goal of getting rice and meat and headed to Pan de Manila which unfortunately had already run out of pandesal by then. I was ready to go home with my pesto bread, Betadine gargle and microwavable lasagna when it started pouring really hard again. It was alarming but I knew I was better off than a lot of other folks out there so I'm not one to complain. Besides, I got home in one piece albeit wet. I was more worried about my sister though who was flying out to Boracay with her boyfriend. Thank God they landed safely.

It's surprising how private companies were advised to suspend work today. You know it's bad when even BPO companies are asked to allow their employees not to go to work. That's unheard of. I was in the office coaching newbies during Ondoy.

Monitoring the updates on TV and online, it's impressive how compassionate people are during such harsh times. Tim Yap and Divine Lee were very quick to pool resources and take action. ABS-CBN has cancelled their shows for the  day to make way for news broadcast. GMA, on the other hand, has 'Eat Bulaga' (recorded?) on.

Meanwhile, Marian Tan is the new Jacque Bermejo.

Also, here's Bench's bad attempt at CSR.

According to news reports, it's bound to continue raining in Manila and surrounding areas up to tomorrow. Can you imagine how some people are going to spend their time tonight? I hope that guy manning the Burger Machine alone near our office was allowed to close and go home.


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